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556 Iron Bridge Road,
Loysville, PA 17047


Crickside Barns provides superior craftmanship, creativity, and customer service. My wife had a description of what she wanted our pool shed to look like, and Amos custom-designed the shed to perfection. He is most interested in pleasing his customers, giving all projects that "extra touch." Not all talented and creative woodworkers take the pride in their work that he does. He enjoys the challenge of crafting what the customer wants & not just a rigid cookie cutter assembly line project that others will try to sell you. His easygoing and friendly personality make him a top notch fellow to work with. Our family has nothing but high praise to recommend Amos Riehl and Crickside Barns for any barn or woodworking projects you may have need of.   -David Rumberger


About Us

Crickside Barns focuses on integrity and customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we hire skilled and honest craftsmen and use quality lumber. A satisfied customer is our best advertisement.

At Crickside, our goal is to focus on quality more than quantity.

In 2004, we started building horse barns and run-in shelters in an old bank barn on our premises. Our business had grown enough by 2005 to build a new shop where we construct our modular structures and prepare our timber-frame components. We began our storage building venture with board and batten because we appreciate the rustic appearance, and wood is readily available in our rural setting in Central Pennsylvania.

We select wood types to capitalize on the strengths of wood species. In horse barns, we use oak to discourage horses from chewing the wood. We use pine for the siding in the majority of our structures. Most of our pavilion and pergola structures are made of hemlock because it weathers well and is easy to work with. We have other wood species available upon customer request.

Our senior partner had quite a few years of timber-frame experience. At first people sometimes asked about building porch frames, etc. using timber-frame construction. Therefore we began by starting with a few of these projects. From there we went on to timber-framing barns and even entire houses. We enjoy the craftsmanship and challenge of timber-frame construction because of the skill that is required.

While our company's home is nestled in the foothills of Sherman’s Valley in Perry County, Pennsylvania, our normal work area includes all Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and New York. We also travel to more distant areas as well.